She was born in a world dressed in hopes and dreams,

She felt lonely and strange, though she had no fears…

having a great wish to change this bitter word,

turn it into an empire with one word.

They couldn’t take her will, powered by a thought,

child of her mind, shaddow walking on a path.

She’ll make a different place called The Empire,

Live in it, you just have to be Vampire.

Blood is not eternal, but it helps you be,

find amongst the sinners the ones who can see.

Suddenly behind you is creeping someone…

turn around and see him, for he is THE ONE!

The chosen for eternity, spotless mind,

the one who has vanished, suddenly, to find

for you the greatest pallace, imortals land,

you need to have the courage and take his hand!

Then youll be commited,death will turn to life

as you have been chosen to remain alive.

Think about the odds? you don’t need to care

for you won’t live with them, you just have to dare.

Live with them, enjoy your life forever,

walk amongs us now, tomorrow and ever!

Unforgiven, unforsaken and denied,

rejected by society, be surprised…

you don’t need any human around you,

this is the night when you start over new



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